Q: WHere is your office located?

A: My office is part of the Body Mind Wellness on the Hill healing cooperative, located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. The address is 324 15th Avenue East, Suite 204, Seattle, WA 98112. The cooperative is on the 2nd floor: enter through the glass doors between the Sugar Plum Cafe and The Red Chair Salon. Go up one flight of stairs, and enter in the first door on the right.


Q: How’s the parking situation?

A: Street parking is available, as well as a paid lot across from the office in the Key Bank parking lot. Parking on 15th Ave is 1-hour parking, so be mindful. Off 15th - surrounding residential area. ACE Parking 125 16th Ave. E, $3 for 2 hours.


Q: What kind of people do you work with?

A: My clients are intelligent, motivated women who seek resolution of some challenge in their life (relationships, life transitions, depression, anxiety) or feel ready to cut through patterns and conditioning that no longer serve them so they can move beyond some past issue or limitation to experience feeling confident, self-aware, and brave. 


Q: When do you see clients?

A: I have office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Wednesday from noon to 7 pm, T/Th from 9:30 am - 8 pm. 


Q: How often would I come in?

A: I see most clients every other week. My experience is that this provides the best momentum for creating and sustaining change in their lives.


Q: How many sessions would I see you?

A: It varies greatly depending on your goals, the complexity of your situation, and your readiness for change.


Q: What is your fee?

A: I charge $160 per individual counseling session, which lasts up to an hour.

Couples counseling is $200 and is 75-minutes.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: I do not bill insurance directly. However, I can provide you with a “super bill” invoice that you may submit to your insurance company for consideration. Most clients find they are reimbursed for their sessions with me as an out-of-network mental health care provider. I am happy to provide you with additional information so that you can contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.


Q: How do I contact you?

A: Either by email or phone is fine. My office phone number is 206-355-4894 and my email address is dina@dinalove.com. Visit my CONTACT page to complete a quick and easy web-form inquiry!