Following the Light

Following the Light

"Follow, follow the sun, and which way the wind goes, 'till this day is done."  -Xavier Rudd

You are having an emotion right now, likely more than one.  Can you feel it?  It also exists in your body, as a sensation or sensations.  Can you sense it in your body?  Our emotions tend to be tied to thoughts in a circular way.  For example, if you think "I never do anything right", then you'll probably feel sad, mad, or scared.  Then, when you feel sad, mad, or scared, you'll often have other thoughts that match the frequency of the emotion.  And, this can easily become a downward spiral. 

You know you could feel amazing right now.  How do you get there from here? Feel the emotions that are present right now, accept them (no matter how difficult) radically and simply.  For example, you might say to yourself "I'm feeling shame, and while that is quite heavy it is simply showing me an aspect of my total being.  It is a darker emotion that is a compliment to the lighter emotions in my body/mind/spirit.  It's a study in contrasts. " Then breathe and accept the emotion totally.  Let your breath wrap around it, hug it.  Then ask yourself, "What do I want to be feeling right now?"  If the answer is, for example, joy, then look for that in your present moment.  Look around the room for something that brings you joy.  Or, use your imagination.  Picture someone or something that brings you joy.  Feel the feeling of joy and use your breath to let it expand.  Follow the positive emotion, and flow with it.  You will find that good flows into more good, endlessly.  Practice makes this much easier.  If you find that you get habitually stuck in this process, you likely need some extra support.  Contact me.  



Last I checked, were on Earth.  So that means at the most basic level we belong to the Earth, as Earthlings.  It is OUR TIME to be here. 

Surrender to that belonging, let her embrace you like the flawless mother that she is.  She is so happy that you are here.  She loves your wholeness, she knows you got this trait from her.  She adores your wildness and unpredictability, another way that you're a lot like her.  Like a good mom, she really wants to help.  Let her help.

Release your breath, and anything you don't need to her, she'll eat it for lunch!  Right now, let something dense go, like falling into a big bear hug.  You are an Earthling, you belong to the Earth.  Adopt a tree, go barefoot in the park, let the breeze blow through your bangs.  Rejoice.

Draw her energies up through the bottom of your feet with your in breath, and exhale warmth through your entire body.  Become like her giving and receiving in one breath.  Exhale now, and give back to her.  Feel your inner wick glow. 

Smile, you belong!  Happy Earth Day!

Mistress of Practice II

Mistress of Practice II

Many years ago as a young woman, I craved the experience of contentment and confidence. I was a high energy girl, starry eyed and always moving, often leaving a trail of undone stuff behind me. I always had the sense of being chased by vagueness and at any moment there lived a possibility of coming undone.

Parts of me would step forward and demand organization, start making a list, and try to focus. I even bought a dorky watch (you have to remember this was before cell phones) that I sent as an alarm to remind me to focus and wake up to the present moment. I knew a daily practice of mindfulness was the way to move forward and peace, but I couldn't even remember to practice. My patterns of forgetting were stronger than my ability to remember to practice.  Still, I never gave up.

All these years later I realize we must always remember that we have a tendency to forget what's important, what our goals are, why were here, what life needs from us. We must wake up earlier than our patterns and breathe into what's real. This is so personal – protocols that belong to other people won't cut it.

We must become the mistress of our own practice, commanding our day from the ground of the moment. Come home now to your breath and intention. What is the practice of the moment that will wake you up to your greatest potential? What is a practice, but something you come back to again and again to feel the way you want to feel?

Is it mindful breathing, chakra balancing, somatic scanning, heart hugging?  Is it simple, like routing the four corners of your feet gently into the earth, or complex like a headstand? You decide, and ask. Be who you want to become today.

Feel the sun come in, and hopefulness shine. You've got this. Get inspired, and begin to visualize and affirm that you are the kind of person that loves to practice connecting to life, that which has heart and meaning, and the fullness of your essence.

Get inspired by the Goddess Saraswati, who with her Vedas (ancient sacred texts) and her Veena (her celestial musical instrument) celebrates her daily passions for the arts and education. She is often depicted with a swan and a peacock, the western and eastern symbols of transformation, as she creates new worlds with every passing breath.

She transforms the pain of daily focusing into the pleasure of her creation. She is an alchemist, transforming the pain of daily focusing into a creative blessing in the world.  Every heartbeat magnetizes a new rhythm through her instrument for the greatest good of all. 

Play on.

2 Tips in Dealing with Change Anxiety

2 Tips in Dealing with Change Anxiety

Seattle is a changing city. We are experiencing the comings and goings of the milestones that keep us visually orientated in our landscape.  It can be very distressing, all this shifting! 

I am experiencing the surfacing of anxieties in my body/mind that seem a part of the collective or hive mind.  It is a time to put peace as a priority.  

Here are two tips for dealing with change anxiety:

1) Develop a practice, and practice.  Go to that dance class, sit on that cushion, yoga your balls off!  Rinse and repeat.  Your daily practice keeps you freshly connected to the NOW.

2) Make a home inside your body.  Remember how to sit, stand, breathe.  Just burrow into your regal body and claim it as your home.  Or, think of yourself as a turtle, who wears her home on her back.  Your smile in the mirror is your personal welcome mat.  Yay!



Welcome Mistress of Daily Practice,

We must always remember that we have the tendency to forget that we are at choice in every moment.  So that means NOW.

TODAY, you are who you decide who are. 

Keep fresh before you the moments of sparkle and shine, of lustre.  You matter. 

And, practice these steps for even more lustre in your daily:

1. FOLLOW YOUR BODY, YOUR PHYSICAL SENSATION.  Right now, dip into your pelvis and Inhale, lengthen your spine, and exhale as you release back down into more pleasure.  If it feels good, you are doing it right.  

2. BRING YOUR WHOLE SELF, YOUR UNIQUENESS.  Pushing past self-consciousness comes with the realization that you are one of a kind, and you matter.  Life is like a gigantic Tiffany lamp and you are one of the glass shapes.  When you show up, your entire world balances out.

3. GET CORNFUSED.  When you are taking risks and trying out new things, you are going to be on Beginner Island.  Just accept it!  Most people are too busy focusing on themselves to notice you dorking out.