Welcome Mistress of Daily Practice,

We must always remember that we have the tendency to forget that we are at choice in every moment.  So that means NOW.

TODAY, you are who you decide who are. 

Keep fresh before you the moments of sparkle and shine, of lustre.  You matter. 

And, practice these steps for even more lustre in your daily:

1. FOLLOW YOUR BODY, YOUR PHYSICAL SENSATION.  Right now, dip into your pelvis and Inhale, lengthen your spine, and exhale as you release back down into more pleasure.  If it feels good, you are doing it right.  

2. BRING YOUR WHOLE SELF, YOUR UNIQUENESS.  Pushing past self-consciousness comes with the realization that you are one of a kind, and you matter.  Life is like a gigantic Tiffany lamp and you are one of the glass shapes.  When you show up, your entire world balances out.

3. GET CORNFUSED.  When you are taking risks and trying out new things, you are going to be on Beginner Island.  Just accept it!  Most people are too busy focusing on themselves to notice you dorking out.