Seattle is a changing city. We are experiencing the comings and goings of the milestones that keep us visually orientated in our landscape.  It can be very distressing, all this shifting! 

I am experiencing the surfacing of anxieties in my body/mind that seem a part of the collective or hive mind.  It is a time to put peace as a priority.  

Here are two tips for dealing with change anxiety:

1) Develop a practice, and practice.  Go to that dance class, sit on that cushion, yoga your balls off!  Rinse and repeat.  Your daily practice keeps you freshly connected to the NOW.

2) Make a home inside your body.  Remember how to sit, stand, breathe.  Just burrow into your regal body and claim it as your home.  Or, think of yourself as a turtle, who wears her home on her back.  Your smile in the mirror is your personal welcome mat.  Yay!