About Dina


About Dina

My name is Dina Love (formerly Berley, formerly formerly Innominato), and I am a New York-bred, Seattle-based psychotherapist providing wisdom and counseling support (therapy) to individuals and couples, with an emphasis on working with women (and a few brave men.)


My Truth

I am blown away by our extraordinary capacity as human beings to learn and evolve, as well as to remain the same.  The human psyche is complex, so thankfully our bodies and emotions serve as intelligent teachers. The more willing we are to be vulnerable and brave with ourselves and acquaint ourselves with the parts of our psyches that may be confused or blocked, the more we gain compassion for ourselves and those around us. This is hard work, and best done with a good guide.  Through facing our fears with compassion, we learn grace and acceptance — and that’s where the magic of real transformation begins!


My Approach

Through meditation, mindfulness and inner parts work, I'll guide you toward big shifts that will enable you to lead yourself more powerfully and gracefully.

My approach is simple in that it emphasizes individual focusing and self-awareness, in the here and now.  It's relational in that we are relating to your inner world through the lens of the compassionate witness, called the Self. It's intuitive in that we will follow the bread crumbs of your somatic experience to uncover the places deep within you that need more support. It's co-created in that we listen and work together in a tandem space of exploration and alchemy.

The bigger support comes in the form of healing, which is heart-centered and imaginative. When you are ready, we can take journeys through your mind to the places that scare you until they don't anymore.  It takes time to integrate the body, mind, and spirit. I aim to create a space that will be safe and interesting, not devastating. Good therapy can be a gateway to higher awareness and bliss.



I earned my Masters in Applied Behavioral Science/Systems Counseling from Bastyr University's Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS). Before opening my private counseling practice in 2002, I spent nearly a decade working in Human Resources Training and Development. Prior to that, I received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. I am fully licensed as a Mental Heath Counselor in WA State. In addition to my counseling practice, I am also a co-founder and lead instructor of BaDi™, a transformational movement practice for people who love to dance. 

To hear what some of my clients are saying about their experience of our work together, feel free to explore my client testimonials