"Follow, follow the sun, and which way the wind goes, 'till this day is done."  -Xavier Rudd

You are having an emotion right now, likely more than one.  Can you feel it?  It also exists in your body, as a sensation or sensations.  Can you sense it in your body?  Our emotions tend to be tied to thoughts in a circular way.  For example, if you think "I never do anything right", then you'll probably feel sad, mad, or scared.  Then, when you feel sad, mad, or scared, you'll often have other thoughts that match the frequency of the emotion.  And, this can easily become a downward spiral. 

You know you could feel amazing right now.  How do you get there from here? Feel the emotions that are present right now, accept them (no matter how difficult) radically and simply.  For example, you might say to yourself "I'm feeling shame, and while that is quite heavy it is simply showing me an aspect of my total being.  It is a darker emotion that is a compliment to the lighter emotions in my body/mind/spirit.  It's a study in contrasts. " Then breathe and accept the emotion totally.  Let your breath wrap around it, hug it.  Then ask yourself, "What do I want to be feeling right now?"  If the answer is, for example, joy, then look for that in your present moment.  Look around the room for something that brings you joy.  Or, use your imagination.  Picture someone or something that brings you joy.  Feel the feeling of joy and use your breath to let it expand.  Follow the positive emotion, and flow with it.  You will find that good flows into more good, endlessly.  Practice makes this much easier.  If you find that you get habitually stuck in this process, you likely need some extra support.  Contact me.