Last I checked, were on Earth.  So that means at the most basic level we belong to the Earth, as Earthlings.  It is OUR TIME to be here. 

Surrender to that belonging, let her embrace you like the flawless mother that she is.  She is so happy that you are here.  She loves your wholeness, she knows you got this trait from her.  She adores your wildness and unpredictability, another way that you're a lot like her.  Like a good mom, she really wants to help.  Let her help.

Release your breath, and anything you don't need to her, she'll eat it for lunch!  Right now, let something dense go, like falling into a big bear hug.  You are an Earthling, you belong to the Earth.  Adopt a tree, go barefoot in the park, let the breeze blow through your bangs.  Rejoice.

Draw her energies up through the bottom of your feet with your in breath, and exhale warmth through your entire body.  Become like her giving and receiving in one breath.  Exhale now, and give back to her.  Feel your inner wick glow. 

Smile, you belong!  Happy Earth Day!